”Stenders” Turnover Reaches 27 Million Euros in 2013

”Stenders” Turnover Reaches 27 Million Euros in 2013

Latvian cosmetics manufacturer ”Stenders” has significantly increased its retail trade, achieving a turnover of 27 million euros – up by 17 percent from last year. “Stenders” has opened 43 new stores around the world in 2013, reaching a total of 230 stores across 22 countries and is now planning to open its first store in Dubai.

There are already 115 “Stenders” stores operating in Asia. The company opened a ”Stenders Asia Pacific” regional office in Manila at the end of last year, to promote the company’s brand and sales in the South East Asia region.

In 2013 “Stenders” opened new stores in China, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. The company is particularly strongly represented in China and Russia: revenues from these markets comprise more than fifty percent of its turnover.

”Stenders” is a cosmetics and soap producer with over 230 franchise stores in 23 countries worldwide – Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Japan, China, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

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The company informs that the success story of the brand has been based on high quality products and special packaging, service culture, design and a successful franchise concept, which has helped to attract over 60 franchise partners over the period of 12 years. The product assortment of ”Stenders” includes more than 320 bath, body, face and hair care products.