Deora Pluss LTD. produce premium-quality clothes. Main specialization: casual wear, soft shells, sports clothing and clothing for an active lifestyle, cycling, golf, equestrian sports, hunting and fishing clothes. We produce different kind of coats, jackets, fleece jackets, vests, pants. Deora have a wide range of produced clothes of famous brands from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Our workforce is – professional employees, flexible production lines, modern technology equipment. We have the capacity to perform orders from 1000 pcs and more. MOQ is 300 pieces. We could become a good business partner to diversify your production geography and reduce production expenses.

Deora Pluss LTD. is a team of garment industry professionals with over 10 years of working knowledge from concept development through to the manufacturing and delivery. Deora Pluss LTD. offer a wide variety of services which allows us to present highly customized packages for our client’s unique project needs. We are able to meet the most advanced and technically complex sewing requests. Our first priority is the high quality and customer satisfaction. We can be your one-stop source of quality apparel as we offer manufacturing with a difference – “we sew with love..”

Deora Pluss LTD. is probably the first manufacturer of medical protective masks and medical gowns in Latvia and the Baltic States! Deora is an authorized Latvian manufacturer and it’s approved by the Latvian Competent Authority of Medical Devices – the State Agency of Medicines (SAM). Deora automatic production lines work with good production capacity about 4 000 000 masks per month. Deora cares about the quality of the product. Only the highest quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of face masks to ensure maximum protection. Deora has got a European certificate of conformity. Our production meets the requirements of all standards of quality and protection of the European Union.

SIA Deora Pluss choose a fabric for three-layer medical masks production based on the recommendations of a large factory for the production of Spunbel and Aquaspan non-woven fabrics.

Spunbel can be manufactured with antistatic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, antimicrobial, flame retardant additives, dyes, UV stabilizer.

SpunBel material is a non-toxic material. No precautions are required when used at temperatures up to 150 ° C.

Polypropylene material “SpunBel” is widely used in light industry for sewing medical and special protective clothing, various items for sanitary purposes.

Advantages and different features of the material:

• the material is easy to sterilize (temperature 100–130 ° С);

• possibility of washing (by adding an antistatic agent);

• the material is easy to iron (at low temperatures);

• non-toxic;

• does not cause allergic reactions;

• have medium air exchange rates (at the same time have dust-proof properties);

• resistant to acids and alkalis (except for highly concentrated acids: nitrogen, chlorosulphate, etc.);

• the material is light;

• possible antistatic, hydrophobic (water repellent), hydrophilic (water penetrating properties), fire extinguishing (when ignited, the material extinguishes itself) additives;

• laminated coating of the material with polypropylene;

• wide range of colors.

Aquaspan. AquaSpan nonwovens use polypropylene yarn extrusions followed by connection to the AquaJet hydraulic system (Spunbond-Spunlace technology). Compared to non-woven fabrics, AquaSpan® does not support the growth of microorganisms, stands out with special tensile strength, low fiber migration due to mechanical impact on the material, softness and high tactile comfort, which is similar in nature to natural cotton. Due to the use of additives, AquaSpan materials may have the desired liquid absorption and retention properties. To facilitate, it is possible to apply a drawing to the surface of the material using hydro-relief.


• surface density: 30-150 g / m2;

• roll cutting width: from 60 to 3200 mm;

• roll diameter: from 200 to 1300 mm

• roll weight with 3.2 m width: up to 770 kg

• AquaSpan can be manufactured with antistatic, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, antimicrobial, flame retardant additives, dyes, UV stabilizer.

Deora Pluss LTD. medical protective masks have been tested in Poland, in the Central Institute for Labor Protection – National Reseach Institute.

The Polish institute has been chosen as an accredited to perform this type of test and also based on recommendations of the Ministry of the Republic of Latvia.

On May 29, 2020, SIA “Deora Pluss” received the results of laboratory testing (TEST REPORT No. 340 / PZ-TSB-COV / 2020 / NC)

The above test reports represent a clinical evaluation that serves as a basis for a quality and compliant product, as medical masks must be certified according to international or national standards when used by healthcare professionals in accordance with hospital and / or other institutional procedures. The filtration efficiency of a disposable medical mask (at least 95% droplet filtration) must be air permeable but resistant to moisture penetration – this is ensured by the number of layers of industrial nonwovens (eg polypropylene). Medical masks are rectangular and consist of three or four layers.

Each layer consists of the fibers. These masks are tested for their ability to capture drops (3 µm, according to EN 14683). These masks should have the ability to capture droplets and other particles without impeding the passage of air, ie by providing air permeability. Medical masks are medical devices and are subject to certification.

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