BITE Latvija

SIA “BITE Latvija” is the fastest growing mobile network operator in Latvia. It has been operating in the Latvian market since 2005, providing residents of Latvia with modern, innovative mobile communication services – voice (post-paid and pre-paid), mobile internet and data transmission services, which are already valued by 560,000 customers (both private persons and businesses) – almost every third mobile network user in Latvia is a customer of “BITE Latvija”.

At the moment, there are almost 1000 base stations in the “BITE Latvija” network. In order to provide customers with a stable connection to the mobile network and powerful internet, they are all equipped with powerful 4G technology – the company’s 4G network covers 98 % of the territory of Latvia, but its 4G internet is available to 99 % of the Latvian population. The “BITE Latvija” network is also partly equipped with 4G+ and 4,5G technologies which ensure bigger data capacity, therefore they are gradually being expanded to all of Latvia.

In the spring of 2018, “BITE Latvija” acquired the telecommunications company “Stream Networks” and its subsidiary “LATNET Serviss”, which provide qualitative information and communication technology services. In cooperation with these companies, “BITE Latvija” is currently actively working on the development of solutions for high quality integrated mobile communications and information and communication technologies, for example fiber-optic internet, IP telephony, video surveillance, cloud services, etc., for the needs of the business customer.