BALTICVISION is the largest provider of guaranteed escorted tours and city breaks in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. Our tours combine three things which are important for modern travellers: affordable prices, first class service and plenty of individual choices. Deluxe programs offer more luxury and exclusivity. BALTICVISION distributes its products through an extensive network of reliable and trustworthy tour operators. Dedicated brand Ultimate Lifestyle Adventures offers a genuine customized deluxe and lifestyle product.


All our tours are guaranteed escorted tours. They are offered in five different languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). Depending on sales, most tours are bilingual and guests are normally from a number of different countries. Other guests with the same languages may join in or may leave during a tour. Our tours represent a unique possibility to meet people across borders and win new friends.


A genuine customized deluxe and lifestyle product covering five of the countries around the Baltic Sea region: Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland. Bespoke adventures, which will surprise and enchant the most discerning travellers

Ultimate Lifestyle Adventures are targeted at seasoned VVIP travellers – couples, families and small groups seeking to enhance their lifestyle. Ultimate Lifestyle Adventures are designed to combine luxury and style with conceptual strength and educational qualities and simultaneously providing ultimate experiences and outstanding leisure.

Ultimate Lifestyle Adventures are 100% customized or tailor-made in a dialogue with customers and travellers, to entirely meet the individual requirement of each customer and traveller. Ultimate Lifestyle Adventures are designed and operated by a small and highly professional team with substantial experience on all destinations on how completely to satisfy discerning travellers.

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