Aija Jasuna Opens Her Exhibition ”Feelings…”

Aija Jasuna Opens Her Exhibition ”Feelings…”

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We are proud to announce that our member the artist Aija Jasuna opens her exhibition ”Feelings…”’at the Wellton Terrace Design hotel, Riga, Dzirnavu street 2.
LOCATION: Wellton Terrace Design Hotel reception
Address: 2 Dzirnavu Street, Riga

Aija Jasuna has graduation the State Arts Academy, department of Interior and Design. She is a member of the Designer Union.

Aija is an illustrator and artist of children books. She has designed more than 50 books which delight not only children in Latvia but in the whole world. The artist`s website – reveals her versatile creativity.

Aija`s artistic work permeates the love towards God, people and the world as a whole. She is interested in everything that is new, she likes creative experiments and various forms of expression. This exhibition reveals the artist in a painter`s amplua. She offers to get acquainted with the emotional impressions which have materialised in Art Deco-style works. The classical white with 3D effect, gold and pearl as a means of expression contribute to Aija`s idea. All forms of works, in the spirit of allied interiors will bring joy, hope and brightness that the artist has laid in each stroke of a brush..

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