The Board

The Board acts on members’ behalf and is responsible for the future development, establishment and growth of the Chamber. Open Board meetings are convened on regular basis. Minutes of meetings are taken.

The Chamber’s office is run by the Chief Executive, whose main responsibilities include the chamber’s day to day administration and organisation. The office also provides guidance to members on various Irish-Latvian business related issues.

The Irish Latvian Chamber of Commerce Board Members represent a wide range of business activities. These include tourism and services such as legal advice, accounting, bookkeeping, business set-up, information technology and Market research.

 Board Members are:

Ilze Kreslina – Chair of the Board, Founder of ILCC, CEO

Anita Blumberga – Board Member, Owner & Managing Director,  ”DEBETS”

Nevan Visser – Board Member, Manager, ”Latvia Tours”

Ieva Jonsone – Board Member, Owner & Managing Director, ”Amie Export”, resigned from the Board in August, 2017

Janis Loze – Board Member, Leading Partner, ”Loze & Partners”